EX-2 2,4GHz 4ch KIY Standard Edition  510gram Visa större

EX-2 2,4GHz 4ch KIY Standard Edition 510gram


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EX-2 2,4GHz 4ch 

#Dimensions: 240×163×107mm  
#Weight: 510g ( Not Included Battery)
#Current: 150mA  RO3/AAA/UM4 battery x 4  
#Using time: 6hours (Varies depending on type of battery used.)
#20 Model Memories.
#Receiver KR-241FH included.
#Compatible receivers: KR-415FHD,KR-413FH,KR-211FH,KR-212FHG

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20160209012-2.pngHigh performance CPU &2.7inch LCD
Using a similar CPU to the EX-1 provides a super linear and fast response. Each menu is displayed like an icon to make it easy to search and the new menu tree is useful for setting up to 20 vehicles.





Two LCD Positions90 Degrees Conversion
The LCD screen can be placed in two directions for a preferred viewing position.

Compact and Light Weight Master Unit
The Master Unit is lighter and the re-newed design achieves a new weight balance. The EX-2 is very compact and light weight making it very useful for your use.


EX-2-TRG.pngTrigger Position Adjustable  3D trigger feature
Using KO's unique 3D trigger and trigger position adjustment allows for comfort for all hand and finger sizes.





EX-2 Short Antenna
The new short antenna design reduces obstructions and performance offered is very linear and connected to the system.

K.I.Y Optional Parts Compatible
Utilizing the Patented K.I.Y system allows for Steering Units, Grip Units, Battery Stand and Grip Pads to be used with the EX-2 as upgrades to your system.


Xpansion Manager software
You can use our xpansion software for setting. 

Xpansion firmware update available
We released firmware for update function etc. You can download data file and update firmware.
Menu language is English in factory default. And we released German Menu in this site as below.

Released firmware as below: (You are able to use from these firmware.​ )


#Xpansion Update Ver1.07 (Screen language in German)

Initial_GER.jpg  System_GER.jpg  Calc_GER.jpg


#Xpansion update Ver1.06(Screen language in English.)    *This is factory setting.

Initial_EN.jpg  System_EN.jpg  Calc_EN.jpg



Model Select/ Model Name/ Model Copy/ Model Reset


Pairing/ Modulation Setting(FH/MHS) / Key Setting / Display / Battery / Calculator / Sound / VR Information /Key Speed /Operation Alarm

Steering  Auto Trim/ Steering Auto Balance/ Steering Travel/ Steering Balance/ Steering Trim / Steering Sub Trim/ Steering Trim Rate/ Steering Turn Speed/ Steering Return Speed/ Steering Curve/ Steering Punch/ Steering Feel/ Steering Reverse

Throttole Travel F/ Throttle TravelB Throttle Trim/ Throttle Sub Trim// Throttle Trim Rate/ Throttle Turn Speed/ Throttle Retun Speed/ Throllte Curve/ THrottle Punch/ Throttle Feel/ Throttle Acceralator/ ABS(auto start)/ Neutral Brake/ Idle Up/ Brake Override / Throttle Reverse

2WAY/ 3WAY / 5WAY / Analog/ Gyro / Twin Servo/ 4WS/ Amp Mixing/ Throttle Mixing


Master Unit EX-2
Steering Unit
Basic Grip Unit
Normal Stand Unit
LCD Xpansion Unit EXP-104 
Receiver KR-241FH

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